Antivirus software ensures remote computers and even Local Area Networks are protected against any type of malicious software (malware) such as viruses, Trojan horses and many more. We at Tototheo Group can provide various antivirus solutions to satisfy any requirements.

Easy on Your System 
High scanning speed and small system  footprint ensures your endpoints  performance is kept at their best, while  delivering maximum protection.

Removable Media Scanning 
Ensures that all files stored on USB thumb  and external drives don’t pose a threat, especially those launched automatically. 

Self Defense
Integrated technology prevents malicious  software from corrupting or disabling your  computer’s protection.

Protection from the Unknown
The proven ThreatSense scanning engine  uses proactive protection combining  malware signatures, generic signatures,  code analysis, and code emulation for  unparalleled performance and detection power.

Easy Installation
Simplified process for installing and  configuring your software.