High-speed broadband

Access always-available IP data at up to 768kbps, with a committed information rate (CIR) of 192kbps. In 2014 XpressLink customers will receive double-bandwidth speeds when Global Xpress becomes available, with rates of up to 50Mbps.


Voice services

Make crystal-clear phone calls to terrestrial and mobile networks as well as other satellite terminals.Voicemail and other enhanced call management options are available, including caller identification, caller barring and call forwarding.


Integrated solution

Xpresslink is a fully-integrated Ku-band and L-band solution with VSAT and FleetBroadband terminals (FB500 or FB250)*. It offers unlimited data for a fixed monthly fee, which includes FleetBroadband data usage. 


Fully-redundant service

With VSAT and FleetBroadband terminals operating on separate networks, XpressLink is a fully-redundant and resilient service. 

Global Xpress® pathway

Offers an easy upgrade path to Global Xpress when the service becomes available in 2014. The package includes a free VSAT terminal upgrade from Ku-band to Ka-band and double the bandwidth speeds at the same fixed price on Global Xpress. 

Seamless mobility

Includes an intelligent below-deck control system, the XpressLink G5 unit, that automatically manages switching between Ku-band and L-band and selects the optimum available Ku-band coverage area. In addition, the system manages and deploys updates to installed satellite equipment. 


Invoice management

XpressLink includes a secure customer portal that allows ship management to track invoices for voice usage and compare invoices across vessels in the fleet.

Vessel tracker

Keep track of vessels at all times through a vessel tracker interface, using Google Earth maps. The vessel tracker provides real-time access to information on vessel locations anywhere in the world. It helps reduce manual reporting and inaccuracies and increases efficiency.


Crew calling

Available as a post-paid or pre-paid service. With pre-paid, crew can make low-cost calls using calling cards or codes ordered and allocated through a secure customer portal.

Global support

In addition to 24/7 global support, a maintenance network is located in key ports around the world. Request maintenance and product upgrades easily by submitting request forms via a secure customer portal onboard or ashore. 


 * Monthly rental of the VSAT terminal included in the XpressLink package. Option to utilise previously purchased   FleetBroadband terminals available, subject to approval.