GSCC is a facility for providing Worldwide Service Support upon request, based on a global network of partnerships with major equipment Manufacturers and Service Suppliers, established by Tototheo group. Our GSCC team is focused on coordinating, monitoring and following-up service for you in a professional, time-saving and cost-efficient way. GSCC support covers service, inspection, installation, maintenance and replacement of spare parts and/or sub-units of Communication, Navigation and Safety equipment, in all areas (A1+A2+A3+A4) and major shipping routes.

Through the global network of affiliated service stations and authorized local service companies, GSCC welcomes your requirements even at the most distant ports. The equipment inspections and surveys are conducted according to IMO stipulations. In additional, our Help Desk can provide remote support to the ship's personnel to help detect and solve troubleshooting of the equipment which is reported defective, when possible.