Intellian t240W

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Intellian t240W
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3-axis WorldView antennas for Global performance
With a 2.4m (97 inch) reflector, the t240CK is a simultaneous C-band and Ku-band solution, designed for large vessels such as cruise ships, super yachts and commercial vessels that travel all the seven seas

t240CK Features

Simultaneous C-band and Ku-band TV Reception

  • Unique solution for simplified operation
  • With multiple RF outputs from the below deck Multi-Switch, multiple C- and Ku-band receivers can be connected at the same time
  • HD and SD satellite TV service reception around the globe

Remotely Accessible Antenna Control Unit

  • Networkable with any onboard, Intellian communications system
  • Remotely accessible and upgradable via the Aptus Web interface

High Quality Antenna

  • 240 cm diameter Carbon-fiber parabolic-type antenna
  • LHCP/RHCP or Horizontal/Vertical polarization depending on region and operation band selected

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Connect to the ACU via Wi-Fi using Aptus software
  • Local connection direct to the antenna from within the radome using Bluetooth
  • Simple and easy monitoring and control from anywhere onboard

Wide Range Search (WRS) Function

  • Intellian's patented WRS search provides the fastest satellite acquisition available today by searching for the entire signal rather than only part of it

Hands-Free WorldView LNB

  • Incorporates Intellian's patented worldview LNB which receives multi-band and multi-polarization satellite TV services around the globe
  • Eliminates the requirement to climb into the radome and change the LNB when traveling to a different satellite TV service region

Digital Video Broadcasting Signal Identification

  • High Speed Identification employing a DVB-S2 decoder
  • QPSK Demodulator Lock for DSS signal

Gyrocompass and GPS Interfaces

  • External GPS interface using NMEA0183/2000
  • Gyrocompass interfaces, for external heading input using NMEA0183/2000

Three Year Global Warranty

  • Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 1-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment