Multi Display

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Multi Display
Gyro Compass Systems / Repeater Compasses

The Multi Display indicates a variety of parameters with integrated dimmer control for optimal adjustment of the brightness to the environmental conditions. It contains two rows of red-dotted matrix LED fields for various alphanumeric indications. The display mode can be changed easily during operation.

Facts & Features:  

  • Heading gyro, heading magnetic, heading steering command
  • Water speed, bottom speed, depth
  • Course-to-steer, course over ground
  • Rudder angle , rate of turn
  • Bearing to waypoint, distance to waypoint
  • Cross track error
  • Local time, UTC, revolution/minute
  • Total miles, daily miles
  • Wind direction, wind speed
  • Air pressure, air temperature¬†
  • Relative humidity, dew point
  • Water temperature
  • Distance travelled through water