s@tLiTE is a bandwidth management and optimisation solution, especially designed and developed to reduce the costs of both business and crew communications and offer more crew welfare options. It can be used with various types of satellite communications systems including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband, Iridium and VSAT systems.
s@tLiTE is developed in-house and installed in an industrial grade embedded device. It offers firewall, compression, bandwidth optimization and facilities such as email, web browsing and Least Cost Routing.

  • Robust Hardware

  • Terminals Management (Least Cost Routing)

  • GPS vessel position (depends on Satellite terminal model)

  • Firewall - IP Control

  • Bandwidth management

  • Optimisation

  • Compression

  • Crew Internet cafĂ©

  • Business Mail

  • Crew Mail

  • PPCC - on demand

  • Data Transmission and Synchronisation

  • Automated Logs and Reports

  • Fleet wide central management

  • TCP/IP Compression & Encryption

  • Customisations driven by Client feedback